Ai-Ais Resort & Hot Springs near the Fish River Canyon

Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort is at the source of a mineral and sulphur-rich hot spring, and means 'burning water' in the local dialect. One of the eyes of the hot spring is in the Ai-Ais resort area.

This resort is situated at the southern end of Namibia's Fish River Canyon. Ai-Ais is part of the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park which includes both the Richtersveld in South Africa and Ai-Ais in Namibia.

The hiking routes from Ai-Ais are a very popular attraction and vary from very easy to quite challenging. The most strenuous one is a 5 day hike down the Fish River Canyon.

Ai-Ais is at the end point of the Fish River Hiking Trail and offers an excellent place to relax after a long hike. The main attraction at Ai-Ais is the spa complex. The thermal bath next to the hot spring is a popular recreation resort, especially during the winter months. The water is particularly soothing for people suffering from rheumatism, yet everyone, young and old, enjoy the spouting water fountains and pools. There are indoor pools with varying water temperatures, as well as an outdoor pool.

Visitors at Ai-Ais can easily drive to the main Fish River Canyon lookout point which is situated near Hobas.

Accommodation at Ai-Ais consists of a variety of luxury rooms or chalets. There are 7 Premier or Family Chalets, with two rooms each. The 16 Riverview and 20 Mountain View Rooms accommodate a maximum of two people in luxurious and spacious rooms, with all amenities that you could hope for.

The restaurant and bar is just the place to relax. There is no need to worry about your meals. Ai-Ais is ready to spoil you with good food and cold drinks.





Ai-Ais resort will most likely be your first stop or destination in Namibia. If you plan a visit to the world famous Etosha National Park in the north of the country you will need a place to overnight. Namibia is a vast country and it is simply too far to travel from Ai-Ais to Etosha Halali in one day. We recommend the self-catering accommodation ofMariental River Lodge in the south. However, no visit to Namibia is complete without a visit to the coastal town Swakopmund. You can reach Swakopmund within one day from Ai-Ais.

It is possible to reach Botswana in one day from Ai-Ais, but it will be long journey. Overnight at Thakadu near Ghanzi on your way to the famous Chobe Game Reserve. At Chobe the famous Chobe Safari Lodge will be your automatic choice. You can overnight at Planet Baobab on route between Ghanzi and Kasane.

If you wants to visit Zimbabwe after your stay at Ai-Ais you must allow three days to reach the country.

If however, you prefer to fly, your first night will most likely be in the five star Rainbow Towers Hotel in the capital city Harare. The Eastern Highlands with its moderate climate and lush vegetation is completely different to the desert landscape around Ai-Ais. It will however be a very rewarding experience to visit the Leopard Rock Hotel in the Vumba Mountains. Hwange National Park with its famous Hwange Safari Lodge is the logical wildlife destination while Kulizwe Lodge near Binga on the shores of lake Kariba offers self-catering accommodation.

If you wants to visit the wildcoast of South Africa after your stay at Ai-Ais National Park in Namibia you should certainly consider Kob Inn Resort. It is an isolated destination with breathtaking beauty. If you prefer a more city-type hotel, the King David Hotel in East Londen will be your answer. On route you can consider Hanover Lodge in Hanover South Africa or the Hakuna Matata Guesthouse in Koffiefontein in the Freestate, which is a full days drive from Ai-Ais.